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Ready to upgrade your drafty old windows? We take off any tape, paint, bug specks and hard water or oxidation as part of your regular cleaning. We give attention to detail by flushing and brushing clean your sills and tracts that your windows or : doors close in. You can simply wipe loose dirt and grime from the glass if it’s starting , to show. We also recommend a home cleaning solution, such as mild, soapy water or water with a few parts of vinegar to clean the glass. Routine maintenance keeps your new windows clean and minimizes the risk of needing a premature window replacement. Pressure Washing Services Our outside window cleaning service includes wiping down cobwebs around the window frams, cleaning the glass, and wiping up the window ledge at the bottom. Inside we clean the glass, and wipe up the sill, as well as cleaning any screens.commercial cleaningWhether starting a new business or expanding upon an existing one, sourcing the right cleaning equipment can have a significant impact on cleaning staff productivity and safety, as well as the cleaning and disinfecting effectiveness. There are , several factors that should go into the purchasing decision and after over 50 years in the commercial cleaning business, , we’ve identified the following list of important considerations that have proven to help business operators make better upfront decisions. We are afull-service janitorial companythat provides a wide variety of services in the cleaning and sanitation industry. Smart services by design. Solutions by sector. Open the door to new business.Green Seal commercial cleaning certification is a key differentiator for your company and a mark of the extra value you provide your customers. In fact, government agencies, LEED certified buildings and major corporations specify Green Seal certified cleaning services.professional post renovation cleaningThe professionals at Atlantic Cleaning Co are insured, bonded, and screened. We offer a fully customizable post-construction cleanup service as per your requirement. Moreover, we use unique equipment and environment-friendly cleaning solutions , to achieve the best results. To know more about our post renovation cleaning program, contact our experts today! Our comprehensive post-construction cleaning methodology, endorsed by contractors, homeowners and businesses, will reach every nook and cranny and will deliver consistent and superior results. Our skillful team will always execute the cleaning service in accordance with yours and Miss Maid#8217;s standards. We stand firmly behind the quality of our products and services and will ensure your utmost satisfaction at all times. Work with Miss Maid today #8211; your trusted service provider preferred by contractors, homeowners and businesses.


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