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Marble your angel food cake with purreed berries to add color and flavor.  Light and fruity blackberries swirled into angel food cake served with blackberry coulis.

Easily done with pureed strawberries as well.  

Moist and rich with blueberries.  Perfect for Sunday brunch.

A Holiday cake made with fresh Florida Ginger and earthy molasses.  Paired with a fluffy eggnog sauce.  Perfect for that brunch or holiday gathering.  

Carmelized Mangoes on top of sweet tender mango infused cake.

A refreshing and light cake.  This recipe is easily cut in half for a smaller cake or cupcakes.  Use organic grapefruit for best results.

Sweet cardamom and cinnamon infused angel food cake with morsels of sweet Florida Peaches. Serve with fresh peaches and whipped cream.  

Rich Chocolate mini-cakes or cupcakes filled with Strawberry Jam.  

Accompanied  by a floral vanilla bean syrup.

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