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Here are some resources to help you in the classroom and lab.  The pictures can be downloaded by double clicking.  The newsletters can be shared.  All the information in the files is downloadable. 

Canning and putting up is a lost art form.  Find out how to put up your fruit spreads, pickles, and other condiments to preserve them for up to a year!  

Canned Tomato Sauce
Canned pickles
Home canned peaches



Flat fish vs. round fish
Clam sizes

Welcome Culinary Educators.  Here you can access Active Learning Techniques, and other resources you can transfer to your culinary classroom and lab.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  Check back often for more additions.  

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poultry sizes


Types of peppers

Apple Guides

Bowl of apples

A comprehensive guide for buying and eating almost 200 varieties of Apples.

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Types of knives?
Types of steels
Cooked Eggs


Egg sizes
Egg sizes by volume

Pastry Class

Pastry Class Notes
Artichoke drawing


Food Safety and Sanitation Guide- Back
Food Safety and Sanitation Guide- Front
Stocks and Sauces
Mother Sauces

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