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Marjoram is an ancient annual herb, which is in the mint family. It is related to the oregano. Sometimes, oregano and marjoram is confused, or classified as the same herb, when in fact, they are different. Marjoram has been in use since the times of the Early Greeks. They use to weave marjoram into funeral wreaths and plant it on graves to symbolize love ones happiness in life and beyond. Sweet marjoram is thought to have originated in Northern Africa where it was put into milk, since it was thought to keep it from souring. They are several different types of marjoram that are very common. The first one is sweet marjoram, sometimes called Mary. It has oval, pale green leaves that are 1 inch long. It has a mild, sweet, oregano like flavor. Wild marjoram is sometimes referred to as oregano. Pot marjoram has a strong, slightly bitter flavor. Marjoram is an antispasmodic, antiseptic, bactericidal, stomachic, expectorant, and a sedative. It is said to alleviate colic, stimulate the appetite, facilitate digestion, and can benefit the respiratory system. Marjoram can be used to ease migraines, car sickness, insomnia, and bronchitis.

How to Pair Marjoram brains carrots chicken corn cucumber duck eggs fish goat cheese halibut lamb chops meats mushrooms mutton peas pork chops potatoes rabbit ravioli salads soups spinach squash, esp. summer stuffing tomatoes tuna zucchini © 2015 Chef Jennifer M. Denlinger All rights reserved cite me: Denlinger, J. (2015, February12) Marjoram. Retrieved from:

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