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Waste Not-Want Not

The amount of food wasted is staggering. Efforts have come to lime light to help the average citizen, and student come to grips with the disheartening amount of unwanted food. This has been becoming more and more apparent. Especially after large food holidays where most people are looking for lots of variety, in large portions, with the unfortunate result with lots of leftovers.

As the new year Starts, Resolutons are made and broken easily. But sometimes for resolutions to be successful, you need to live the promise you are making to yourself.

My household is small. Just one, plus a couple of sets of paws. But that doesn't mean there isn't a large amount food produced here. As a Chef, there is always testing, and experimenting. And quite honestly, cooking what you want, because you can.

There not much that goes to waste, in my house, my classroom, or my kitchen. Most weeks I only remove a grocery bag of garbage a week, plus about the same in recyclables. Not much. And nothing's wasted. If you don't believe me, ask my students. This also helps keep my budget in check as well.

The hot topic in the world of Chef-dom is how to control food waste. But how do you do that? And how can this relate to the rest of the world.

To have an efficient and profitable establishment, chefs must learn how to have a smooth running kitchen where portions are controlled, as well as the costs. Lots of research goes into how much should go on to a plate. The satiety of the items, how many components on a plate, how many courses you want to customer to order, the nutritional value of all these items come into play.

Controlling the edible portion of a plate is easy. How do you control the rest? Getting to that gorgeous devious mouth watering food waiting for you to devour takes a process. And one sacrifices of the ingredients. Ingredients must be washed, trimmed, peeled, deboned, portioned seasoned and cooked. If they don't look perfect, or can't match the requirement of the chef, they aren't used.

What happens then?

The modern invention of a freezer has made life very easy. So is the technique of