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The Basics

Rich beef or veal stock can be easily made on a budget with bones and mirepoix.  After your first batch of stock, you can use the bones again with fresh mirepoix and herbs to make a second, weaker, stock.  Because of the gelatinous qualities of the stock, beef and veal stock can easily be reduced down to make a rich sauce called Demi-glace.  

Stock can be frozen in small containers for use at a later time. 

A great way to add extra flavor to stocks and soups!!!  Easily frozen.

Easy dough for making your own flatbread pizzas. Easily frozen.

Creamy, tangy homemade ricotta cheese.  This is a great way to use up left over milk, cream, or half and half, especially if it has spoiled some.  

Yield of this recipe will vary depending on the dairy product itself.

Homemade stock is always the best!

Use chicken, turkey, duck, quail, or any other poultry bones.  Mixing bones is ok!

Easily frozen

Great for adding flavor to vegetarian or vegan dishes.  Most vegetables could be added, however stay away from vegetables with very strong flavors, or that are very starchy.  Easily frozen.

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