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Creamy cheesy broccoli soup is easier than you think.  Freezes well.

A favorite.  Great steamy hot soup to soothe the soul.  Also good chilled.  Easily frozen in small batches.  Garnish with heavy cream or creme fraiche.  Or top with pickled ginger and scallions.  

The sweet carrots pairs well with spicy sausage and earthy spinach.  Use your favorite veggies.

Creamy chicken soup with vegetables.  Very satisfying.  

Sweet creamy corn soup.  Steamy and satisfying.

Delicious cold as well.

Chili loaded with Florida Veggies.  Try topped with Florida Avocado or on crispy fries. Easily adjusted to be mild or spicy.  

Earthy mushroom and thyme soup.  Great for a afternoon meal or as a base for other recipes.  Try using a variety of seasonal mushrooms.

Florida Sweet Corn with smokey bacon and spicy poblano peppers.  Hearty and filling.

Rich and creamy soup with sweet and smokey bacon.  Good year round

Using the bounty of fall tomatoes.  Easily frozen for quick wintertime meals.

Top with crispy bacon, cheese, or sautéed mushrooms, or enjoy with your favorite grilled cheese!

Vegetable Medley Soup

Use your favorite fresh vegetables.  Cooking them in stages helps to increase their flavor.  Use your favorite shaped pasta.

Perfect for taking away those wintertime blues.

Garlicky broth chock full of tomatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini and kale.

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