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Collard Greens

The collard green is a native plant to the Eastern Mediterranean. It is a hearty plant that can stand high heat, and low temperatures. Collard greens taste similar to a cross between cabbage and kale. Collard greens are sometimes just simply referred to as collards. The collard green is a broad leaf plant with smooth leaves that are thick and have a large vein running down the center. They are deep green, sometimes almost blue in color. The edges of the leave can be flat or curled. The collard green is a variety of cabbage that does not for a head, just a loose rosette at the top of each stem. Collards are harvested from the outside leaves, in. Several leaves are left in the center so the plant will continue to produce the plant will continue to replenish itself. These plants are picked 2-3 times during the season

The collard was introduced into America by African slaves. It became a staple of their diet. It is associated with “soul food”. The greens are commonly boiled with pork fat and onions.