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Lovage Lovage, Levisticum officinale, is a lofty perennial plant that is European in origin. Also called the Maggi plant or sea parsley the flavor and scent of the lovage plant is similar to celery. The seeds, stems, and root bulb of the plant are all used. In folklore, the roots of the plant were used often. Lovage enjoys a moist soil, and grows similar to parsley. It is commonly found in the cuisines of Britain and South East Europe. It’s flavor is of very strong/ potent celery. Besides culinary purposes, it is a diuretic, can reduce fevers, and has the ability to treat stomach ailments.

What to use Lovage in


Cream cheese

Fish soups


Haricot verts








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cite me: Denlinger, J. (2015, March 12). Lovage. Retrieved from: FloridaChef.net

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