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The Monstera (monra delicious) is an edible philodendron. Sometimes it is called ceriman, Mexican breadfruit, the fruit salad fruit, or Swiss cheese plant.

The monstera plant has large leaves with split and oblong holes. (That's why it is referred to as the Swiss cheese plant). The monstera fruit is about 1 foot long. It has thick green skin with hexagonal scales.

It looks similar to a narrow pine cone, or to green maize. The scales pop off individually. Under the scales is a flesh that is creamy and smooth, like a firm custard.

The flavor of monstera is sweet/tart, like a combination of ripe pineapple, and banana pudding. Similar to cherimoya. All parts of the monstera plant are poisonous except for the fruit itself. You should ripen the fruit at room temperature until the scales pop off.

You can also ripen Monstera in a paper bag. If you eat the fruit unripe, it is caustic, and it may leave an off taste in your mouth, and/or irritate your mouth and throat. Monstera is from Guatemala and Mexico. © 2014 Chef Jennifer M. Denlinger All rights reserved

Cite me: Denlinger, J. (2014, October 23). Monstera. Retrieved from:

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