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A persimmon is a member of the hardwood family. Sometimes they are called Kaki, or Sharon Fruits. Originally from Japan, now they can be grown in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, or any subtropical region. They are in season from October to January. The persimmon looks like a peach colored tomato. It is larger than a plum and honey sweet when ripe. They are high in tannic acid and until they are ripe, they have an astringent bitterness. When they are ripe enough, they will fall off the tree. They should be plump, not mushy. Before eating Persimmons, they should be peeled and de-seeded. There are two common types of persimmons: the hachia, which is acorn shaped and reddish orange, and fuyu, which looks more like a squat yellow orange tomato. Another variety of persimmon includes Diospytoskaki, which is an oriental variety. In Korea, there are nationally recognized. There are two sexes of persimmons trees. They must be cross-pollinated by bees. They produce flowers are thumbnail sized and a greenish-yellow bloom, resembling a tulip. The flesh of the fruit can stain. Persimmons contain vitamins A and C. Commonly, persimmons are cooked into desserts, and sauces. Persimmon Pairings Brandy, especially pear Brown sugar Caramel Cinnamon Cloves Cream Custard Ginger Grapefruit Honey Ices Kirsch Nutmeg Pecans Pork Sweet potatoes or yams Vanilla Yams