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Chayote squash, also known as mirlitons, mango squash, custard marrow, or vegetable pear in America, christophine in Haiti, Brionne in France, cho-cho in Britain, choko in Australia, and xu xu in Brazil. It was the principle food of the Aztecs and Mayans. Chayote Squash is a gourd like fruit with the size and shape of a large pear, 3- inches long. It has pale green skin that is thin, and slightly rough. The meat of the squash is starchy and white, and rather bland tasting. There is a single white edible seed in the middle. Chayotes can be consumed both raw and cooked.

Chayote squash is in season during the winter months, but it should be prepared like a summer squash, or acorn squash. The shoots of the plant are eaten like asparagus. It is famous in the cuisine of New Orleans. Chayotes are commonly cultivated in the Caribbean. They accompany spicy dishes. A common dish made with chayotes in called mele. It is like a ratatouille with streaky bacon and coconut milk. Chayote contains potassium, vitamins C, and B6, folic acid, copper, and magnesium. © 2014 Chef Jennifer M. Denlinger All rights reserved

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