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Crunchy cookies make from toasting angel food cake.  A fat free treat!!!

Classic coffee rich tiramisu layered with tangy Florida Strawberry Jam and topped with chunky chocolate pieces.  

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A quick and easy pie made with puff pastry.  Served with rich brown sugar whipped cream. 

Rich pastry cream and luscious blackberry jam inside yeasty cinnamon tossed donuts.   Easily made in advanced to be frozen.  Then just simply defrost and fry!!!

A perfect brunch treat!

Rich bread pudding with tangy blackberries, served with a mouthwatering coffee caramel sauce.

Great on icecream, cake, fruit, or as a mixer in other cocktails!

Creamy cheesecake with tangy blackberries swirled in.  Serve with blackberry coulis

Lucious Blackberries with drop dumplings make for simple yet elegant dessert.  

Quickly prepared, and easily frozen.  Serve with fresh cream drizzled on top or homemade vanilla ice-cream.

Tender tart dough and blueberry filling with just enough sweetness that it can be enjoyed anytime of day.  Serve with ice-cream or a glass of cold milk!

A sweet satisfying treat made with blueberries and blackberries. 

Succulent blueberries studded in rich cheesecake

Creamy custard and berries topped with cinnamon streusel.  A classic for brunch or an elegant afternoon dessert.

An elegant cookie that simple to make.  Easy to freeze dough pucks or baked cookies.  Use blueberries that are in their frozen state for best results.  

A twist on the classic banana's foster!  Great over icecream or cake, or for breakfast!

Sweet and satisfying peach cobbler using Florida Peaches.  Try adding in berries as well.  Top with your favorite ice-cream!

Sweet Florida Strawberries atop fluffy shortcake biscuits and sweetened whipped cream.  

A sweet, rich and succulent ice-cream with candied kernels of corn.  A perfect summer treat.

Use any fresh fruit in season, and mix and match!

Fill with either lemon curd or pastry cream.

Memories of Childhood, no artificial ingredients or colors.

Best with super ripe bananas.  

Sweet Peach ice-cream perfect for a summer's day.  

Warm blackberries from the sun remind us why we love summer.

Sweet and tangy.  A refreshing addition to any meal.

To can or put up the curd  check out Home Canning Tips and Techniques

Rich Blackberry pie with a tender, flakey crust.  

Pastry Cream is essentially homemade vanilla pudding.  Easily turned in to chocolate pudding with the addition of chocolate chips.  Used for fillings for pies, tarts, donuts, and trifles. 

An easy way to get breakfast on the table.  Easily prepped in advance and baked last minute.  Mix and match bread if desired.  Syrup can have bacon and bourbon omitted if desired.  Great for brunch! 

French Wine Custard paired with sweet and tangy berries!

A staple for any kitchen.  Creamy, rich, with a touch of creaminess.  

Crispy but chewy strawberry meringues for a fat-free treat.

Sweet, Rich, and hearty strawberry risotto served warm.  Great for a warm brunch on a cold spring morning.

A treat for adults!

An simple, yet elegant dessert

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