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Drinks and Beverages

Apple Pie Rum

Featuring St. Augustine Distillery Pot Distilled Rum

For a Shot of Apple Pie, Anytime

St. Augustine Distillery Rum can be found at:

Made with Devil's Whiskey.  

Great for a cool fall evening.

Try topping with caramel sauce!

Featuring St. Augustine Distillery Double Cask Florida Bourbon

Smokey, Meaty Bourbon.   Perfect for cocktails, or sipping on ice.

St. Augustine Distillery Bourbon can be found here: 

Blackberry infused into iced tea makes for a refreshing treat on a summers day.  

Fresh ginger and mint add pizzaz to the the rich blueberries.  Top with fizzy soda water for a refreshing treat.  Easily made as sweet or dry as you desire! 

A perfect spring cocktail!

An infused vodka with the zest of the sweet, floral Buddha's Hand citrus.

A fruity concoction right for any celebration, or any time.

Lakeridge Winery Wine can be found at: 

A traditional blend of spices over black tea. Traditionally served sweetened and with milk.  Can be taken hot or chilled

All the memories of childhood, without all the artificial ingredients.

Cool and refreshing.

Featuring St. Augustine Distillery Gin  

St. Augustine Distillery Gin can be found at:

A unique floral blend with Florida Blackberrries, and St. Augustine Distillery Gin that is a perfect fizzy summer cocktail!  Greast for a party!

St. Augustine Distillery Gin can be found at:

A fruity concoction to enjoy while relaxing!

A slightly sweet refreshing cocktail using fresh Florida Strawberries.  Can easily be made with frozen berries too.

Keep it on the rocks, or make a frozen version easily.  

Nothing like you've ever tasted before.

A simple way to utilize the whole fruit.  Can also be made by pureeing and straining.  Easily frozen for a refreshing drink or cocktails.

Perfect for the hot summer months.  Use whatever frozen berries for you have on hand!

Made with Bacon Infused Bourbon.

Perfect for brunch, or a boys-day-in.

A fizzy concoction Fresh Squeezed Florida Grapefruit Juice and St. Augustine Distillery Gin.  Perfect for Brunch, or an afternoon on the golf course.  

St. Augustine Distillery Gin can be found at 

Tequilla and guava share a similar flavor profile, so pair well together.  If fresh guavas aren't available, use guava nectar.

Boozy Holiday Drink!

Vodka Infused with Blueberries.  The natural pectin in the berries gives it a smooth texture.

St. Augustine Vodka can be found at 

Spicy infused whiskey.  Great for mixing into fall cocktails.

True key limes are small round yellow fruits that are extremely floral.

Mango Daiquiri

A smooth blend of ultra ripe mango and rum can make any day better.

Slightly sweetened iced tea with fresh peaches with half and half floated on top

A common street food in Latin America, this drink utilizes the rinds of the pineapple to make a refreshing slightly fermented pineapple drink.  Adding sugar in two stages allows for more fermentation and more bubbles.  Because this is a fermented drink, there may (or may not) have a slight alcohol content.  

Great as a chilled refreshing drink, with all the benefits of fermented foods, or mixed with other beverages such as light beer, or tequila.  

Steamy hot chocolate spiked with San Sebastian Port.  A wintertime treat for adults.

San Sebastian Port can be found at: 

The essence of fall!  Great in tea, coffee, cocktails, ice-cream, and oatmeal!

A refreshing and clean tasting juice that is perfect chilled, or mixed with other juices or liquor.  

A twist on the classic.  The sour orange was the original Florida Orange.  A very refreshing drink.

Sweet strawberries and earthy St. Augustine Distillery Double Cask Bourbon.

St. Augustine Distillery Bourbon can be found at:

Reisling and strawberries is a perfect sweet sensation.

Fresh Strawberry Sauce and club soda turned into a refreshing, fizzy drink.

Add Vanilla ice-cream for a sweet treat

Featuring St. Augustine Distillery Gin

Sweet and fizzy with an earthy undertone.

A great winter pick me up.

St. Augustine Distillery Gin can be found at:

September 10, 2017

Keep your spirits high, battling one of the largest hurricanes in Florida's History.

October 07, 2016

Hurricane Matthew graced our shores.  For your hurricane party.  Featuring St. Augustine Distillery Rum No. 4.

St. Augustine Distillery Gin can be found at:

A fruity wine concoction.

Lakeridge Winery Wine can be found at: 

Sweet salt and tangy with a kick!

An adult slushy!  Cool and refreshing for a hot summer's day.

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