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Creamy dressing made without mayonnaise.

Try this on a Turkey Sandwich!

A great way to have a fresh salad with leftover turkey.  The spicy dijon mustard pairs well with the cranberries.  Great on a salad or whole grain bread.

Skip step 4 and replace with your leftover turkey gravy!

My Grandmother's Homemade Noodle Dumplings. Use Turkey and Turkey stock for this hearty and comforting meal.

Sub out turkey for chicken in this recipe.  You can use the gravy as well to help thicken!

A great way to use up leftovers!!!!  Alter these to work for what you have.  You can use fresh or frozen vegetables, and make your own pie dough, or use store-bought.  Puff Pastry works as well.  

These can be frozen raw, and baked from a frozen state, or bake them off and give them away or freeze them afterwards.  Perfect for a cold winter day!

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