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Miracle Fruit

Miracle Fruit

Miracle fruit, (synsepahym delcifium), is a curious little fruit native to tropical West Africa. It is small, bright red berry that contains a single seed. It is ellipoised is shape, and 2 to 3 centimeters long. The miracle fruit, or miracle berry as is sometimes known as, is not a sweet berry. Instead, the flesh coats taste buds and insides of the mouth. It blocks sour and tart sensations. This affect can last for up to 30 minutes after being eaten. It contains thaumatins, or food enhancers. It is being considered for a possible source of natural food sweetener. The miracle fruit bush is an evergreen bush, intolerable to frost. It produces 1/4” white flowers. Each shrub produces 12-15 berries at a time. There are both smooth and hairy berry varieties. © 2011 Chef Jennifer M. Denlinger All rights reserved

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