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Fuzzy Melon

Fuzzy Melon

The fuzzy melon, benuncasa hispida, is a common vegetable in Asian cooking. More commonly known as mo gua, fuzzy melon, or fuzzy squash, it is actually a member of the melon family. The fuzzy melon originates in Southern China. Sometimes it is referred to as the Chinese vegetable marrow.

The fuzzy melon is green and looks like a zucchini with a fine hair-like fuzz covering the skin. The flesh is cream colored, and has a mild flavor. They range in size from 6 to 10 inches and 2 to 3 inches in diameter. The shape can be cylindrical, or dumbbell shaped. The fuzzy melon is harvested and eaten when immature, there fore it is covered in fuzz. To remove the fuzz, scrub it under running water. The smaller the melon, the better it is.

Choose fuzzy melons that are heavy for it’s size. It should be wrinkle free. Fuzzy melons do not have a distinct flavor, rather, take on the flavor of what ever it is cooked with.

Fuzzy Melon by any other name...

China: mao gwa, tseet gwa

Japan: heari meron

Malaysia: timum balu

Thailand: faeng

Vietnam: bi

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