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Star Apple


The Star Apple (chrysophyllum cainito), is a member of the family sapotaceae. Sometimes it is referred to as caimito, or the fruit of the Golden Leaf tree.

The star apple originates from Central America. It grows today in areas such as the Caribbean, South and Central America. It prefers warm weather. The star apple comes into season in late winter, or early summer.

The star apple is a round or oval fruit, 2 to 4 inches in diameter with either red purple, dark purple, or pale green skin. The fruit looks and feels like a rubber ball. When cut in half, the fruit has a soft, white, milky sweet pulp. There are 6 to 11 gelatinous, somewhat rubbery see pods. Inside each seedpod, there may be a hard, black seed. The skin and rind of the star apple is inedible. It is best to scoop the flesh out.

The star apple fruit grows on a tall, 25 to 100 feet