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Okra, (hibiscus esculentes), is a native African plant that is now known in the United States in Southern cuisine. It became a staple to the African American slaves.

The word okra came from the Twai Language in West Africa of nkruma; and from the Buntu Language in South and Central Africa of gumbo.

The Okra is botanically a fruit, bearing many small white seeds inside. The fruit ranges in size up to a few inches long. It has tapered body, with slight ridges running around the pod. On the stem end, it looks like a little cap. The skin is a deep green, (though there are several red tinted varieties), and covered in a slight fuzz. The seeds inside are small are pearly white. They are attached to the flesh. Inside the flesh, there is a slick gummy substance, which gives okra a natural thickening ability. The plant is covered with stingers. It produces yellow, hibiscus like blooms. The flowers are also edible.

Okra grows in hot weather climates. It is related to cotton. Choose smaller pods, if possible. The larger the pod, the more the tendency to become leathery. The okra plant is natu