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The calabash is a large fruit native to Asia or Africa. The calabash, (crescentia cujeta), grows to be very large, though it’s size and shape varies a lot. The color starts out shiny green, and then as it ripens, it turns a pale brown. When the fruit is dried, it is used as a vessel. Calabash is similar in structure to a pumpkin.

The calabash tree is an evergreen tree, and produces white flowers; however, the tree is very cold sensitive. The fruit grow off the trunk.

The pulp from the calabash fruit is usually the only part eaten. The pulp is scooped out; the shell is discarded, or dried. The flesh contains numerous triangular shaped seeds. They are inedible. The flesh directly surrounding the seeds should be removed as well. It is a purgative.

Calabash are in season from August to September.

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