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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs?

I've seen many articles posted about people wanting to use "natural dyes" for their easter eggs. After some research on how people have done it, I decided to try it. Here's what worked and what didn't.

I started with ingredients that I had available in my house which are known stainers (such as to my white chef coats, cutting boards, etc.)

Day 1:

I mix each ingredient with 1 cup of boiling water. I added 1 tablespoon white distilled vinegar (unless otherwise noted) and allowed to cool to too temperature. I started with raw eggs (fortuitous on my sake) and soaked each egg for about 1 hour. Most of the colors hadn't started to be absorbed by the shell. At this point I moved each the containers to the refrigerator for another hour. Most colors were very light and pastel, if at that. I gave up for the night.

Day 2:

Since I started with raw eggs, I boiled the eggs in the dye, one at a time. Success!!!! Most colors worked, some were still pretty light. (see below on boiling eggs)

So over all, pretty eggs with no artificial dyes are achievable, however if you want bright brilliant colors, I recommend boiling the eggs in the colored water.

Here's what worked: