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It's Blueberry Season

One of Central Florida's Favorite spring past-time is the emergence of U-Pick Blueberries patches all around. The sweet, succulent jewels are easy to pick, and even easier to eat. Blueberries are good source of antioxidants, heart healthy, and are a healthy addition to the diet. It is becoming one of the top agritourim activities in Florida in the spring.

My top pick for U-Pick blueberries is Lake Catherine Blueberries, a family owned and run farm that also has a store to buy homemade goods and ice cream! They occasionally run specials wherein you contribute their selected charitable cause, you get a discount on your blueberry price. On the weekends you will find local bands playing out in the fields as well. Late blueberry season runs into early blackberry season usually so then you can mix and match!

Lake Catherine Blueberries.

5849 Lake Catherine RoadGroveland, Florida 34736


9-5 during U-Pick season everyday

$4 a pound without selected discounts

You can find other U-Pick berry locations here:

What to do with all your blueberries.........

here's a few ideas. Check out the recipe section for more ideas and updates all the time! #blueberry

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